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Rhonda Diamond

Rhonda has been married for 32 years to her husband Paul Jay Diamond, a Canadian-born elementary school teacher and life-long surfer dude.  They have three grown children  --  Greg is 28, Melanie is 25, and Rachel is 21.  The two youngest are still living at home, and Rhonda & Paul like it that way. (Well, mostly).  By profession, up until the end of last year Rhonda was an office manager for a small carpet dyeing company... but was laid off due to downsizing.  Since January '09 she has been dabbling in background work for TV and movies, having worked on Grey's Anatomy, Young & The Restless, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glee, Nip Tuck, Hung, Limelight, and others.  She considers herself a full time MOM first and foremost, as that is all she ever really wanted to be.  And then... she discovered dance...

When they moved to Torrance, CA in 1993 (from Hawthorne) Rhonda enrolled in a local parks & rec dance class just for fun and exercise.  Little did she know what that would lead to!  Never in her wildest dreams, while raising her kids, breastfeeding, studying childbirth (she almost became a midwife), did she think she would ever become a competitive dancer, dance promoter, and a dance teacher.  And here she is! Just goes to show you that if you follow your dreams and your passion, anything is possible.

Aside from family and dance, Rhonda is also a certified (retired) La Leche League Leader, having counseled many new moms in the art of breastfeeding and mothering in the 80's and 90's.  She enjoys quilting and has made several quilts that embellish their family's home.  She plays the piano and accordian, and once had the opportunity to play the organ at Dodger Stadium at a game during Dodger Blue week!

With three UCWDC World Championship titles in the Couples Diamond Showcase and Pro-am Showcase divisions, Rhonda and her partner Don Baker have traveled all over North America to compete in West Coast Swing, Country 2-step, Waltz, ChaCha, and Nightclub 2-step.  They were the LA regional finalists in the 2-step across America contest, have participated on several dance teams and have performed at many events and functions over the years.  

Rhonda's favorite dance is West Coast Swing, but her 'specialty' you could say is country 2-step.  There is nothing in the world as invigorating and exciting to her as dancing a champion-level 2-step to an upbeat country tune.

Rhonda started this monthly WCS dance party with David Koppelman in September of 2007, and feels so fortunate to have had such success.  People always compliment her on the dance but she knows their success is truly because of David's awesome DJing... "it's all about the music, isn't it?"  David knows how to DJ a dance party like nobody's business, and that is a skill that doesn't come easy.  Rhonda feels very lucky to have partnered up with this talented guy, and the SoCal community of dancers is very lucky to have him close by!

Well, that's Rhonda in a nutshell.  She hopes to see you out on the dance floor - make sure you come and say hi to her at the next WCS dance in Lomita!

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